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Rofl pics – A Monday collection of goodies

This is Australia meme – Rofl pics at

Here’s a new collection of Rofl pics to sweeten up this beginning of the week, the latter probably being a tad more bitter than usual after all the fun the last two weeks may of provided you with. Studies showing that you will normally only turn out to be productive for around 3.5 hours today, we clearly hope that we ... Read More »

Humoristic Monday – Taking moon day to the next level

The road to give a f*ck meme – Humoristic Monday at

Humoristic Monday – Because nothing can turn out to be more useful than a fun-packed start to the new week, please allow us to submit to your appreciation a new collection of Monday goodies. Last Monday of 2013, should we even take the time to point out mind you, so let’s level up the giggle gauge shall we. Wishing you ... Read More »

Monday funnies – Pre-Christmas chuckles just for you

Mother clucker meme – Monday funnies at

Monday funnies – In two days from now, around one person out of three will be celebrating the arrival of Coca Cola’s most famous muse : Santa Claus! To help him respect his hectic and out of this world schedule, the fella who works only one day a year and spends the rest of it judging you – as many ... Read More »

Monday fun – Praising the new week with style

28 days late fake movie - Monday fun at

Monday fun … now how on earth can one even consider associating those two words, you might be asking yourself. Sarcasm? Well yes and no, while we do realize that the concept may sound crazy, and could even make a great title for a new fiction; we also believe in December magic, and that if miracles are to happen, the ... Read More »

PMSL Monday – Funny pics to start the new week

Hugh Hefner’s up at

Why baptize December 9th PMSL Monday? Mainly just to set the mood, because with four of these evil little buggers remaining on our 2013 calendar, there’s no way that we can allow the latter to suck the life out of us. Long story short. Wishing you a fabulous new week and a devilish PMSLweb moment! Read More »

New week collection – LMAO pictures to brighten up your day

anatomy of scissors meme

LMAO pictures on their way! While rare are those who actually appreciate Monday’s for sure, a new factor is slowly kicking in and should be taken in consideration as from now on: December. Indeed, this month tends to be the most adulated month of the calendar, as it is packed with celebrations, joy… and for a big majority, excessive bouts ... Read More »

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