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Monday mischief – Start the week off on the right foot

One day my prints will come humor – Monday mischief

Monday mischief – As we sadly have to turn the page on yet another weekend, on the bright side, there’s no reason why this week should turn out to be worse than any other (well evidently we very well know that exceptions apply). If you’ve decided to suck it up and make the most of the upcoming week, why not ... Read More »

Monday LOL – Fine chortles to start the new week

Funny Monday morning birds meme

Monday LOL – Would you believe it, once more the weekend went by in the blink of an eye and the harsh reality caught up with us first thing this morning: It’s already Monday! It’s ok, you have practice, you can do this. As we know by now, one of the secrets to numb the pain is to start off ... Read More »

Daily funnies – Starting off the week on the right foot

Scumbag brain at night humor

Daily funnies – Bearing in mind that putting the weekend behind us and starting a new week rarely turns out to be an easy or joyful task, once more we have decided to try and help you (and ourselves, let’s face it) spike up the general mood a tad. Up for a little nonsense and a few wicked chuckles? Perfect, ... Read More »

Monday lolz – The perfect way to start the week

I hate when I meow at cats and they don’t meow back

Monday lolz – Time for us to buckle up and dive into a brand new week. No matter how much you mentally prepare yourself for the event, when it comes to bungee jumping into Monday, you will end up experiencing mixed feelings. In order to break your descent a tad, you may want to fill up on a few smiles, ... Read More »

Monday humor – Funny pics to start the week

No need to repeat yourself quote at

Monday humor – Last boarding call for the wild Monday express. A new week of exciting adventures await us, so don’t allow yourselves to miss departure. Wicked on board giggles, chuckle-riddled stopovers and jaw breaking sightseeing are featured in this week’s program, so buckle up and let’s get to it! Wishing you a fun PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Monday PMSL – A funny new week gallery

when I listen to you ecard

Monday PMSL – With only a week to go, before officially entering the end of the year holiday zone for many of you, the general mood for the upcoming week, could turn out to be an interesting blend of lightheartedness and goodwill , topped up by a certain impatience. In order to help you make it through the handful of ... Read More »

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