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Monday madness – Wicked chuckles to start the week

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Monday madness – Sadly enough it’s already Monday, and we have no other choice but to face the naked truth: the weekend & its joys are officially over. Be gone sorrow… while you take a wicked pleasure in taunting us every Monday, there’s no way that we cannot attempt to counter attack using our secret weapon of mass laughter (aka ... Read More »

Monday madness – The reinforcements are on their way

How hard is it to put the toilet seat down meme at

Monday madness – Not that it really needs to be pointed out, but Monday is here, and firmly decided to settle in. Now, as scary as this reality appears to be, we have faith in you, and know from experience that you can pull it though. In order to help you do so, evidently once more, we’ve put together a ... Read More »

Monday madness – A new week selection of funnies


Monday madness – When it comes to Monday, many of us have to face the five well-known stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Treating yourself to a few giggles left and right does tend to help to ease the pain nonetheless, so let’s give it a shot shall we? Wishing you a wonderful new week and ... Read More »

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