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Monday madness – A new week selection of funnies


Monday madness – When it comes to Monday, many of us have to face the five well-known stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Treating yourself to a few giggles left and right does tend to help to ease the pain nonetheless, so let’s give it a shot shall we? Wishing you a wonderful new week and ... Read More »

Reckless Monday – When motivation is running low


Reckless Monday – A new week awaits you, and if we can help enhance the latter even slightly with a chuckle or two, our goal will have been reached. If you have a few minutes to waste, please feel free to appreciate the following collection of funnies that we stumbled across during our internet scavenging hours. wishing you a fantastic ... Read More »

Humorous Monday – Starting off the week on the right foot

Searching for intelligent-life-on-other-planets-funny-quote

Humorous Monday – By starting off the week on the right foot, no doubt that you should somehow be able to partially influence the upcoming mood over the few next days. While Monday will often turn out to be a toughie, experience shows that treating yourself to a few giggles can often make a notable difference; so here is our ... Read More »

Monday lol – When the new week strikes back


Monday lol – Warning, if ever your local time does not exceed 11.16am yet, please switch over to another tab and come back to visit us in a few, as today Monday, studies have shown that the average person will not smile until that specific time. Also while we’re at it, you’re suppose to spend at least 12 min complaining ... Read More »

Monday hilarity – Drawing new week smiles


Monday hilarity – First of all, we hope that your weekend was a gem and that you still managed to extricate yourself out of bed this morning without too much harm. We understand that for many Monday morning are dreaded, and that making it through the day can sometimes require a few encouragements, so here’s our humble contribution. Wishing you ... Read More »

Screwball Monday – A one way ticket to the loony bin


Screwball Monday – No matter how hard you’ll try and deny it, the fact is that the weekend’s definitely over and you must now courageously check yourself in during Monday’s roll call. Nonetheless, given the important number of wayward slackers who will be attending this mandatory beginning of the week, there was no way that we would of even considered ... Read More »

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