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Fun pictures – When weekend mode is activated

Kermit on Monday’s meme – Fun pictures at

In the mood for a few chuckles? If the answer is yes, it’s our pleasure to inform you that our daily collection of fun pictures is now at your disposition. Please feel free to browse our selection of cheeky Saturday goodies… because the weekend is the perfect occasion for us all to let a few of our demons out on ... Read More »

Tgif laughter – Take a spin down funny lane

1994 was the worst year in music at

Tgif laughter – The weekend is now knocking at your door and once more, in order to celebrate, here’s a new collection of funnies containing pictures we came across left and right during our hours of wicked scavenging. We hope you will enjoy and have an awesome weekend ahead of you in all cases. Wishing you a pleasant PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Funny picture gallery -Tuesday giggles free of charge

The glass is f*cking full what are you doing at

Funny picture gallery – If ever you’re a fan of meme’s, wild literature or even like to keep up to date with what’s happening in the friendzone, chances are that the following might be worthy of a few minutes of your “free time”. Indeed, today’s post turns out to be a savant blend of all three, so please feel free ... Read More »

Rofl pics – A Monday collection of goodies

This is Australia meme – Rofl pics at

Here’s a new collection of Rofl pics to sweeten up this beginning of the week, the latter probably being a tad more bitter than usual after all the fun the last two weeks may of provided you with. Studies showing that you will normally only turn out to be productive for around 3.5 hours today, we clearly hope that we ... Read More »

Saturday fun – Funny bone surgery coming up

Nike nah I’m good – Saturday fun at

Here’s a tad Saturday fun for the last weekend before you start working on those new year resolutions of yours. How ambitious have you been this turn round? Have you kept things low key, or on the contrary have you decided to challenge yourself to a real ascension of the Himalaya tainted quest for 2014? In all cases, a few ... Read More »

Tgif picture collection – Doing it the PMSL way

Fresh cut grass smell meme – Tgif picture collection at

Tgif picture collection – With 362 days left on the new calendar, did you know that it’s around this date that we will reach our perihelion (the moment when our good old earth gets the closest it does to the sun)? Evidently, we do realize that people from the Northern hemisphere will be thrilled about the news… *sigh*. Otherwise on ... Read More »

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