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Tuesday giggles – Helping you make it through the week

Smart sperm humor - Tuesday giggles at

If ever you’ve decided to allow yourself a few Tuesday giggles, you may of knocked at the right door. Actually as a matter of fact, Tuesday is known as being the most productive day of the business week, the day you tend to give the best of yourself work wise. We feel obliged though to warn our fellow Greek & ... Read More »

Monday fun – Praising the new week with style

28 days late fake movie - Monday fun at

Monday fun … now how on earth can one even consider associating those two words, you might be asking yourself. Sarcasm? Well yes and no, while we do realize that the concept may sound crazy, and could even make a great title for a new fiction; we also believe in December magic, and that if miracles are to happen, the ... Read More »

Sunday smiles – Because we know what’s awaiting us tomorrow

ACDC did it first Miley- Sunday smiles at

Sunday smiles – Ladies and Gentlemen, before opening a new chapter in the great collection of “magical Mondays”, why not end the weekend on a humoristic touch . Ten days now to go before Christmas and 16 before putting yet another tremendous year behind us, so please make sure to hang in there. Wishing you a witty PMSLweb moment! Read More »

TGIF humor- Friday’s a basket case

Cookie monster C letter sarcasm - TGIF humor at

TGIF humor – Because we defo need to chill, and when do we want to do so? Well “now” turns out to be an obvious answer. A zest of irony, a dash of avidity, a craving for cheek and a certain eagerness for auto derision will end up leading to the following…. The key point will be to focus. Wishing ... Read More »

Hump Day gone wild – a tsunami of sarcastic pictures

Bruce Willis Die Hard - Sarcastic pictures at

We believe, that the time has come to water the evil weed and set Hump Day on fire with a wild collection of sarcastic pictures. How does that sound to you, up for it? Cool beans, we suspected that we’d have your back on that one. No need to wait any longer, so let’s get straight to the point and ... Read More »

Lunatic Tuesday – Yet another funny picture collection

Adobe meme - Funny picture at

Just because we never get too many of them, here’s a brand new funny picture collection in order to help you boost your Tuesday smile counter. Please note that if you’re at work, we disclaim all responsibility for any uncontrolled facial spasms and sonorous outbursts which could derive from the following. Wishing you a jocund PMSLweb moment!   Read More »

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