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Nutcase Monday – When motivation is running low


Nutcase Monday – Now we know that most of you do tend to have a serious problem with Monday’s – hence how we used “most” as some actually seem to sorely enjoy it, and why not after all, If even Justin Bieber and Satan himself manage to have worshipers, there’s no reason why Monday shouldn’t – so why not aim ... Read More »

Monday humour – When the moon punches you in the face


Monday humour – According to a serious study which was conducted, the average person –please define average? – will not smile until 11:16am on a Monday. Depending of your exact location, and in order to respect the latter finding – which was probably funded with part of your tax money – you may want to stay clear of the following ... Read More »

Funny Monday pictures – Punching Monday in the face


Funny Monday pictures – Oi, Oi ,Oi check-it out, guess who’s honoring us with his delightful presence? Well would you believe it, it’s our good old pal Monday who despite all the low blows he inflicts us weekly still dares to show his face… he sure has a lot of nerve. Well we’ve decided that this time he wouldn’t get ... Read More »

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