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Sarcastic Monday – Welcome there 2015

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Sarcastic Monday – Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for us to officially welcome the real 2015 –not the happy face celebration one- no, the true blue 2015; its 53 weeks, its average of 251 working days or 2008 hours, depending of whatever tickles your fancy. Long story short, it all starts here and now…. Wishing you a sassy ... Read More »

Sarcastic funnies – Quality chuckles coming up

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Sarcastic funnies – Would you believe it, today is the very last Monday of 2014; so why not celebrate? After all, in exactly seven days from now, we probably won’t be so enthusiastic for what will be of greeting 2015’s first Mōnandæg (old English), so giggle wise, this is the occasion to go all-in. Wishing you a priceless PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Sarcastic humor – A witty collection of funnies

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Sarcastic humor – These days, may it be in the workplace or elsewhere, sarcasm seems to have became an unavoidable and crucial way of making it through the day or specific situations without undergoing too much collateral damage. Since sarcastic picture collections are amongst our pet peeves, today, we’ve decided to treat you to a new selection of wicked funnies. ... Read More »

Witty Thursday – A sarcastic collection of funnies

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Witty Thursday – It’s Thursday, and for many, the countdown to the weekend has somehow psychologically started. The toughest part now is to make it through the two remaining business days, although the mood triggered by the latter usually cannot in anyway be compared to what one would face when embarking for the Monday/Tuesday journey for instance. Anyway, in order ... Read More »

New week humor – A sarcasm tainted collection

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New week humor – Today, we would like to raise awareness about a condition which actually affects a majority of the population : The Monday morning alarm clock Syndrome or MMAC. While to this day there is sadly no known cure to the disorder, specialists in the field tend to agree that a good dose of laughter can help minimize ... Read More »

Bad word funnies – Sarcastic and crude humor


Bad word funnies – As it is now custom now for the posts listed under this specific category, we need to warn you upfront that the following collection of funny pictures tends to embrace a certain amount of “potty mouth” language . For that reason, it may not be recommended to go further if you get offended by the genre. ... Read More »

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