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Weekend lol – Funny pics to sublimate your WE mood


Weekend lol – Rare are those who will be against spiking up their Saturday with a few wicked chuckles, so please welcome yet a new collection of mood revitalizing pictures. If ever you need a quick fix, don’t hesitate in giving us a shot, as our latest shipment might turn out to be just what you need. Wishing you a ... Read More »

Saturday giggles – A handful of weekend smiles


Saturday giggles – As the weekend is running its course, either in party or procrastination mode, a little surfing will very often end up being included to your schedule. During those moments you’ll often just want to chill a tad, and a collection of funnies can turn out to be a perfect checkpoint in order to do so, so please ... Read More »

Weekend lol – A collection of funny pics and gifs


Weekend lol – We hope that your weekend is looking good so far and that you’re doing your best to optimize the giggle factor – which let’s face it is the main ingredient in having a successful one. Here’s our little daily contribution, and evidently we hope that the latter will bring you entire satisfaction (although we do not apply ... Read More »

Crazy Saturday – The voices are back


Crazy Saturday – If you’re aiming to spend quality time with your inner demons, you’ve knocked at the right door; as today we’ve concocted for you a wicked compilation of funnies just the way you like them. Sarcasm, irony and twisted chuckles await you today in the scavengers playground, so kick off your shoes and enjoy. Wishing you a devilish ... Read More »

Funny weekend pics – Time to kick off your shoes


Funny weekend pics – With Friday evening’s craze now behind us, it’s time to finally focus on the rest of our weekend. Evidently you’ll agree, who ever would dare to picture-out a Saturday without a few wicked chuckles, so without waiting further more here’s a new collection of weekend goodies. Wishing you a delightful and smile-riddled PMSLweb moment! Read More »