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Saturday humor – Our weekend selection of funnies

Funny Facebook attention seeker status at

Saturday humor – For those looking for an efficient way to lose time, be reassured that you’ve knocked at the right door. Indeed on in virtual playground, the nonsense tends to love a live of its own on the weekend (go figure), so if you were in the mood for a few chuckles, please be our guests. Wishing you a ... Read More »

Weekend LOL – Starting off 2015 on the right foot

It's hard to talk shit funny at

Weekend LOL – After almost two weeks of delightful madness, this weekend – unlike the usual ones – might be starting to feel somehow bitter-sweet. Indeed, next Monday is omnipresent in the back of our minds, and the latter being the very first one of a long series, is particularly feared, as not only will it turn out to be ... Read More »

Funny Zone – Weekend funnies coming up


Funny Zone – Time for us to propose you our latest edition of weekend funnies. As dictated by a well anchored worldwide trend, the weekend, as you know, must be synonym of laughter. If ever you have not had the occasion to yet, time to kick-off your shoes, and procrastinate to your fullest. Wishing you an uproarious PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Saturday madness – Beware funny zone ahead

Loss of a loved one card fail at

Saturday madness – Time for us to submit to your appreciation a new selection of funny pictures. Bearing in mind that the percentage of funny bone linked accidents hit peaks on the weekend, we highly insist that you take all required precautions before going any further; as evidently we take not responsibility or liability to any jaw dislocations or other ... Read More »

Saturday hilarity – Ingredients for a mirthful weekend

Funny ancestry site picture at

Saturday hilarity – When you accidentally end up bashing your funny bone, aka ulnar nerve – which starts in your neck and finishes its race down in your hand – against your humerus, honestly, there’s nothing “funny” about the whole experience, as the specific pain brought on by the impact will make you wince more than it will make you ... Read More »

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