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Stormtrooper – The every day life


Stormtrooper – The every day life – For most of you, Stormtroopers are those nasty guys who serve under the orders of Lord Darth Vader and only believe in the dark side of the force. So okay their employer doesn’t deserve the ‘Boss of the Year’ award and always gives them reprehensible tasks, but let’s not forget that they are ... Read More »

Chewie makeover – Intergalactic supermodel

Chewie makeover

Chewie makeover - Chewbacca (aka Chewie) the most famous wookie of all time, was born in 200 BBY – before the battle of Yavin – on planet Kashyyyk. He was 2.28 meters tall for around 112 kilos, had the most exquisite brown hair from head to toes as well as gorgeous blue eyes, and his exceptional personality put aside, no ... Read More »

Death Star above San Francisco – A dream come true?

Death Star above San Francisco

Death Star above San Francisco – While any Star Wars fan would probably feel his heart skip a beat at the very idea of seeing the Death Star (a moon-sized Imperial military battlestation for those of you who finally just regained civilization after spending a 30 years as a hermit in the woods ) one day appear above his house ... Read More »

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