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Sunday smiles – Because we know what’s awaiting us tomorrow

ACDC did it first Miley- Sunday smiles at

Sunday smiles – Ladies and Gentlemen, before opening a new chapter in the great collection of “magical Mondays”, why not end the weekend on a humoristic touch . Ten days now to go before Christmas and 16 before putting yet another tremendous year behind us, so please make sure to hang in there. Wishing you a witty PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Sunday funnies – Time for some dominical giggles

you could wear this to a knight club

Once more sadly, we’ve hit the end of the weekend in a blink, but while some are already working on getting the necessary beauty sleep required to start the new week fresh, others still have a handful of hours in front of them to chill, and are cordially invited to check out our latest collection of Sunday funnies. The others ... Read More »

Crazy Sunday – Time to dry clean your straight jacket

Jesus Paul I’m not healing your hangover

Crazy Sunday Colonnade – Indeed today’s Sunday, and many of us have mixed feelings when it comes to it. It’s not really Sunday itself that is problematic when you come to think of it, but we just all know what awaits us around the corner, and one can simply not just set foot into this dominical day without keeping the ... Read More »

Sunday Wildness – Let’s water the evil weed

Printers smell fear - funny picture at

Sunday Wildness – Sunday’s are the perfect day to dedicate time to leisure’s such as gardening, and while some people are lucky enough to have been gifted a green thumb, others seem to have been granted a green middle finger… and it would clearly be a shame not to share their amazing creations with the rest of the world. Let’s ... Read More »

Sunday funnies – Coming up: your dose of dominical smiles

san Paulo statue take-off

Sunday funnies – Did you know that back in the day, being born on a Sunday was considered as being a terrible sin? Indeed, medical knowledge and understanding of the human body back then being very far from what it is today, if you were born on a Sunday you were believed to have been conceived on one also… problem ... Read More »

It’s lazy Sunday let’s chill – End your weekend with a smile

why don't you wanna taco bout it?

It’s lazy Sunday let’s chill – As usual while the week itself never seems in a hurry to end, as far as the weekend is concerned it’s a whole different story! Once Friday evening has been reached the time just seems to fly by, and before you realize it you’re about to kick-start yet another dreadful Monday ugh! Now that ... Read More »

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