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Sunday funniness – Unleash the silly pics

Generation butthurt humor – Sunday funniness

Sunday funniness – In the mood for a few gritty chuckles? When Sunday strikes many of us actually will be – and yes, more than we will actually be willing to admit – so why refrain ourselves any longer… let’s just do this! Once more our latest edition of Sunday madness turns out to be a pot pourri of some ... Read More »

Sunday madness – Ending the weekend with a smirk

Mirror is the most photographed object humor at

Sunday madness – While Saturday has revealed itself to be quite popular among the general population, when it comes to Sunday, on the other hand, opinions tend to diverge. It’s not the whole “Sunday concept” in itself which tends to bother people – as people no matter on which part of the planet may they live, will always appreciate having ... Read More »

Sunday giggles – Destination procrastination

Funny cat hair cartoon at

Sunday giggles – No matter what one will say, if Sunday doesn’t at some point rhyme with procrastination, you’re purely and simply not doing it right. No worries though, if you have made your way to us, you obviously have things under control, and are favorably responding to your body’s dominical needs. Long story short, time for a handful of ... Read More »

Sunday craze – A dominical flock of funny pics

Mario Bros what has been seen at

Sunday craze – As yet another weekend hits its end, we tend to notice a severe decrease of the general state of euphoria that we had been in for the past 48 hours. While logic dictates this phenomenon, it is not an ending in itself, and alternative directions should be considered. One solution which implies shocking the funny bone back ... Read More »

Sunday funnies – Enhance your laze with a few chuckles

When my pen runs out of ink graph – Sunday funnies at

Sunday funnies – Welcome to a new dominical edition of funny Sunday pics. Where did our hours of scavenging take us this time round? You’re about to find out; so grab yourself a nice hot or cold beverage (depending of your time zone & current season), kick-off your slippers (well hello, it is Sunday after all) and enjoy! Wishing you ... Read More »

Amusing Sunday – A collection of jolly goodies

There are no stupid questions humor at

Amusing Sunday – We are aware that maintaining positive vibes isn’t always an obvious thing to do on a Sunday; no matter how hard you try, Monday is somehow always omnipresent at the back of your mind. Instead of trying to deny the unavoidable, we’ve decided on the other hand, to give you a sneak peek of what awaits those ... Read More »

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