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TGIF madness- A crazy collection of pics

TGIF madness – Welcome to our latest edition of nutcase TGIF funnies. Given that Friday is finally here, what better way – liver pampering put aside – to kick start your weekend festivities, than to treat yourself to an extensive giggle session. No further comment necessary, so please just follow the guide. Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead and a ... Read More »

TGIF mischief – The only way to praise Friday

Today is Friday humor at PMSLweb.com

TGIF mischief – Finally Friday…Now that you’ve put so much effort into waiting for the latter, greeting your favorite day of the week with less than a standing ovation would turn out to be quite unthinkable. Have no fear though and rely on your funny bone, he’s ace when it comes to kick-starting the weekend with style and respect. Wishing ... Read More »

Humorous TGIF – Funnies to set the mood

Applaud the jellyfish humor at PMSLweb.com

Humorous TGIF – With the weekend finally kicking-in, the moment has come to make a few mood adjustments. Time to dismiss whatever could hamper the upcoming cheerful atmosphere – or at least put it aside until Monday – in order to totally focus on the next 48h, and since you’ve made it here, why not allow us to assist you ... Read More »

TGIF giggles – Celebrating the WE with a smirk

Woman and not a bird mindblow at PMSLweb.com

TGIF giggles – Before going any further, congratulations for finally making it to the weekend (hopefully in one piece). For those who have already settled into the latter, we hope that the first hours of the weekend fully fulfill your expectations so far; time will tend to fly by faster than usual during the next 48h, so please attempt to ... Read More »

Funny Friday collection – Funny pics to set the mood

Funny Friday collection – As we write these lines, minute by minute, the percentage of worldwide population getting hit by the wild “IDGAF Syndrome” is drastically increasing. This condition, which can strike at any given moment or day, does tend to reach its peak on Fridays, and has the power to change any Dr Jekyll into a Mr. Hyde. Far ... Read More »

TGIF chuckles – Thank goodness it’s fun time

TGIF chuckles – Welcome to PMSLweb’s latest edition of Friday funnies. While for some (depending of your time zone) the business week is already a distant fading away memory, most people still have a few hours to pull through before they finally can kick-off their shoes – or trade for more festive footwear – and sermon their inner devils. In ... Read More »