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Friday LOL – Grey matter for your funny bone

Sarcastic onion hack at

Friday LOL – Welcome to PMSLweb’s weekend warp zone. Please be aware that all characters/situations appearing in the following post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons/jerks/morons, IRL or Online, is purely coincidental. Proceed at your own risk… Wishing you a wicked PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Friday hilarity – Let us high five the weekend

Maths, not even once – Friday hilarity at

Friday hilarity – Warning : This is not a simulation test! After mentally practicing & preparing yourselves over the past few days, the weekend is finally here, and the time has come to make the most of it. A powerful synonym of weekend being joyfulness, please allow us to help you kick-start the later with our TGIF selection of funnies. ... Read More »

TGIF funny pictures – Greeting the weekend with a smile

Just lick it – TGIF funny pictures at

TGIF funny pictures – While some lucky buggers have already started snuggling their cherished weekend, for a majority of us, a few hours remain before we finally can be reunited with the object of our desire. In order to kill time, we’ve put together a Friday collection of funnies, so why not give it a shot? No doubt that before ... Read More »

Funny TGIF – Our Friday selection of funny pictures


Funny TGIF – Friday is finally here, and after a few hours of intense internet scavenging, the time has come for us to spike up the mood shall we, with a pre-weekend selection of funny pics and gifs. Whatever your plan is for the weekend, we hope that the latter will turn out to be a goodie, and we’d be ... Read More »

Crazy Friday – Funnies to kickstart the mood


Crazy Friday – This time next week, many of you will be refining the last details of their naughty Tinkerbell, virile Wolverine or demoniacal lord of darkness costumes; while others will be blending together the ingredients of that kick-butt punch recipe they found online sometime earlier. In the meantime though, why not treat yourself to some stress-free quality time by ... Read More »

TGIF funny images – Get your Friday acts together

Funny keyboard review at

TGIF funny images – Would you believe it, we finally made it. Friday’s here and as of now the general mood should start increasing by the hour. In order to celebrate the weekend’s arrival and before making it out the door, please feel free to treat yourself to our daily collection of funnies free of charge! Wishing you a fantastic ... Read More »

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