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Funny Thursday pictures – Our daily selection of funnies

Funny show us your crack slogan – Funny Thursday pictures at

Funny Thursday pictures – With the weekend only down the road now, you will probably find yourself to be far more relaxed than you were the three previous days, maybe even more tolerant (well all depends with whom and why evidently – hence that we used the word “tolerant” and in no way “immune” as that would be a tad ... Read More »

Thursday laughter – Your daily delivery of smiles

My secret ingredient sarcasm at

Thursday laughter – After finally making it through hump day, you slowly acknowledge that the hardest part of the week (well for most) is now behind you. Your stress levels tend to drop slightly, although your intolerance to bullsh*t still reaches significant levels. Nonetheless, time to start spring cleaning your mind and treat yourself to a few smiles. Wishing you ... Read More »

Twisted Thursday – Putting your sanity to test

iDiot humor at

Twisted Thursday – Once Thursday has been reached, that little wild glow in our eyes tends to start intensifying. While we’re not completely done with the business week yet, our mind clearly has already started to cross over Friday’s border, and has decided to camp as a refugee on its sacred grounds. Farewell inhibitions….sanity strayers, please follow the guide. Wishing ... Read More »

Witty Thursday – A sarcastic collection of funnies

Not playing with a full deck ecard at

Witty Thursday – It’s Thursday, and for many, the countdown to the weekend has somehow psychologically started. The toughest part now is to make it through the two remaining business days, although the mood triggered by the latter usually cannot in anyway be compared to what one would face when embarking for the Monday/Tuesday journey for instance. Anyway, in order ... Read More »

Funny Thursday pics – Pimp my funny bone


Funny Thursday pics – Welcome to this week’s edition of funny Thursday pictures. With only two more days to go before the weekend strikes us, it’s time to give that sense of humor of yours a check in order to make sure it’s correctly optimized. Let the show begin… Wishing you a cheerful PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Happy Thursday funnies – Time to practice for the WE


Happy Thursday funnies – This time tomorrow go figure where our reckless minds will have decided to wander off to. Just right now mind you, it’s probably better if that specific piece of info remains in the dark. In the meantime, let’s treat ourselves to the latest collection of funnies shall we? Wishing you a silly PMSLweb moment! Read More »

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