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Thursday LMAO – Give a new direction to your Thursday


Thursday LMAO – Feel like punctuating your Thursday with a few devilish smiles? If yes search no more. The desires originating from your subconscious have been picked up by our Scavenging-O-meter, and we’ve done our best to fulfill the latter. Were we accurate? That’s up to you to determine… Wishing you a thrilling PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Thursday fun – A collection of lolz to set the mood


Thursday fun – By now many of you should be familiar with the term “Thirsty Thursday’. Indeed given that these days many students turn out to have only fewer classes on Friday – not to say any at all – very often Thursday is now know on campus as being the new Friday. That said, we deeply believe that a ... Read More »

Crazy pics – Time to tickle your funny bone


Crazy pics – As we initiate the last few strokes which still separate us from the weekend shore, the term doing “the crawl” finally starts making sense come to think of it. You can be proud of the accomplished weekly milestones, and it’s our duty and honor to celebrate the latter with a new collection of funnies. Wishing you a ... Read More »

Fun pics – Funny images galore


Fun pics – In today’s edition of funnies, we’ve decided to treat you to a tsunami of funny pictures. No need to try and resist, as evidently once the latter hits you they’ll be no going back. At least you’ve been warned. Wishing you a raving PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Thursday lolz – A last fix before the weekend


Thursday lolz – While our beloved Friday will shortly be making its spectacular weekly entrance, we still need to deal with our bud Thursday first; and while we do tend to enjoy the bugger to a certain extent, he can turn out to be slightly clingy, and shaking him off can end up being quite a hectic task. Nonetheless patience ... Read More »

Thursday funny pictures – A gallery to spike-up the mood


Thursday funny pictures – With the hardest part of the week now behind us, our spirits are slowly starting to raise as we feel the weekend close. Thirsty Thursday’s magic is now undoubtedly omnipresent, so to greet it with a new gallery of funny pictures seems perfectly legitimate. Wishing you an agreeable PMSLweb moment! Read More »

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