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Funny pictorama – Taking a spin down Chuckle Lane

Adam’s creation humor at

Funny pictorama – It is with the greatest of pleasures, that we unveil before you our latest addition to the funny Tuesday picture gallery. Those of you who were currently scavenging the net looking for a little distraction, may find in the following collection of mood-enhancers, just what they were looking for, so why not come and take a peep.. ... Read More »

Tuesday Lolz – A daily gallery of funnies

Your shitty opinion cat meme – Tuesday lolz at

Tuesday Lolz – If you’re up for a little nonsense, guess what, so are we ; so why not come and waste a few minutes of your time with us. Breathe in the good vibes and breathe out all the rest, after all the cure to bullsh*it turns out to be as easy as that. Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb ... Read More »

Tuesday funnies – A giggle powered collection gallery

When you wake up meme at

Tuesday funnies – Day 357– 6.40pm : The population is somehow overexcited and is facing significant issues for what is of controlling itself. The terrible holiday spirit is slowly kicking-in and even the most inveterate figures find it hard to maintain a straight and stoical face…. Ballast must be dropped, and it’s now or never. Wishing you a facetious PMSLweb ... Read More »

Amusing pictures – Funny pics to feed your soul


Amusing pictures – Getting through the week without allowing yourself a few giggles left and right seems a little suicidal if you want our opinion. In order to keep the spirits up and kicking, why not treat yourself to our daily selection of funny pictures…. Needless to say, free of charge. Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment! Read More »

ROFL pictures – Add a zest of hilarity to your day

Wizard of Oz humor at

ROFL pictures – As you struggle with Monday’s evil twin, why not let yourself be tempted by an innocent LOL moment? As quoted from Sir Mark Twain himself, “Humanity has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter”; so let’s put our foot down and show that bully Tuesday who’s really in charge shall we? Wishing you a giggle-filled PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Tuesday craziness – A basket full of chuckles


Tuesday craziness – As you pursue your journey up the sacred business mount, you must fight the temptation to look back (to the weekend, not to your good old friend Monday evidently); so in order to keep your mind busy, why not take a peek at what we have put together for you…. Wishing you a peachy PMSLweb moment! Read More »

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