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PMSLweb productions present – Hump Day funnies

B*tches be tripping - Hump day funnies at

Time to submit to your appreciation a new collection of Hump day funnies -In exactly one week from now, most of us will have had our dose of yearly Christmas carols. Some will already be making re-gifting plans in order for someone they truly cherish to enjoy the amazing Rudolph jumper Nan spent almost 10 months knitting – because such ... Read More »

Tuesday giggles – Helping you make it through the week

Smart sperm humor - Tuesday giggles at

If ever you’ve decided to allow yourself a few Tuesday giggles, you may of knocked at the right door. Actually as a matter of fact, Tuesday is known as being the most productive day of the business week, the day you tend to give the best of yourself work wise. We feel obliged though to warn our fellow Greek & ... Read More »

Lunatic Tuesday – Yet another funny picture collection

Adobe meme - Funny picture at

Just because we never get too many of them, here’s a brand new funny picture collection in order to help you boost your Tuesday smile counter. Please note that if you’re at work, we disclaim all responsibility for any uncontrolled facial spasms and sonorous outbursts which could derive from the following. Wishing you a jocund PMSLweb moment!   Read More »

Tuesday Grins – Fracturing the funny bone with style

lays miserables chips

Tuesday grins – Today is November 19th, the 323rd day of the year. “And so what?” – You could be tempted to respond, and we wouldn’t blame you to be honest. But did you know that on this specific day in: - 1493: Christopher Columbus sets foot for the first time on an island he names “San Juan Bautista”, and ... Read More »

Tuesday Craze – add a wicked twist to your day

You bored me to death - funny picture at

Tuesday Craze – If ever you’re feeling slightly devilish today, what follows may turn out to be completely up your lane. Vocal inflections which strike-out as outbreaks of sarcasm and irony being the minds natural defense against dim-witted individuals, soft pedaling them would be pointless, and in the long run could turn out to be dangerous, for yourself as well ... Read More »

LOL Tuesday ’s pleasures – flipping open Pandora’s box

Rabbit who the f*ck is alice - funny picture at

LOL Tuesday ’s guilty pleasures – In order to get through the first part of the week, one just cannot gain access to too many humoristic delicatessens, fact. The time has come to level up slightly gear wise conducive to reaching cruising mode, so please accept today’s new collection of funnies as a humble contribution. Wishing you an undisciplined PMSLweb ... Read More »

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