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Tuesday humor – A pocket full of chuckles

Funny definition of Momster

Tuesday humor – In today’s virtual playground’s edition, a little nonsense, a dash of sarcasm and a lot of silly; so if the prior trailer triggers your funny bone, why not join us on yet a new jocular journey… the more the merrier after all, no? Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Tuesday craze – Our daily selection of mischief

Pork and gummy bear sausages – Tuesday craze

Tuesday craze – If you need to take time out between daily duties and are in the mood for a few smiles, chances are that you’ve just knocked at the right door. Once more, our latest scavenging quest has brought a few goodies to our attention, and evidently we’re delighted to share the latter with you; so without further notice ... Read More »

Nutcase Tuesday – A jocular picture collection

November humor

Nutcase Tuesday – So you made it through Monday but are feeling a tad reckless today? Search no more. Indeed, no need to try and fight off the feeling when fulfillment is only a few scrolls away. Our Tuesday edition of funny pictures is now up and kicking, so you know the drill… Wishing you an amusing PMSLweb moment! WARNING ... Read More »

Tuesday funnies – Your daily dose of fun

Would you watch Jaws like this? At

Tuesday funnies – If you slowly feel the desire to procrastinate increase as the day goes by, you probably should consider paying due attention to your body’s needs. Indeed, just the same way as it craves for water or a specific vitamin at given moments, at others your body (and more precisely your mind) urgently needs to disconnect itself from ... Read More »

Humorous Tuesday – Funny bone quality time

Funny titses chocolate – Humorous Tuesday at

Humorous Tuesday – Given that we’ve often pointed out that Tuesday is known to be the most productive day of the week, today we’ve decided to prove that productivity and procrastination are not incompatible. Indeed our own personal –and very elaborate – studies have often shown that treating yourself to a little funny bone quality time every now and then ... Read More »

Tuesday sarcastic LOL – When BS hits the fan

Guaranteed 100% bullshit humor at

Tuesday sarcastic LOL – If ever your week so far has sadly turned out to be “twat-tainted”, and to the extreme that you are seriously considering dragging out your BS-proof armor, the release of the following collection of sarcastic pics might just be perfectly timed. Tired of being subtle and need to get the message through? Search no more…. Wishing ... Read More »

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