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Silly Tuesday – Inflate your chuckle meter

Funny CSI can’t stand idiots at

Silly Tuesday – As your journey up to mount hump’s peak will often turn out to be quite a sinuous one, we allow ourselves to remind you that catching a breath every now and then is advised, at least as far as maintaining a certain level of sanity is concerned. Once more, we hope that our daily selection of funnies ... Read More »

Tuesday guffaws – A gibberish tainted collection

Funny evolution go back we screwed up at

Tuesday guffaws – By now, you more or less have nailed the week’s two most excruciating work days (by all means we’re not saying that Wednesday will turn out to be easy duty , but hump day does tend to act as a mediator between the “terrible twos” and the weekend), so let’s celebrate that important milestone together with a ... Read More »

Tuesday hilarity – Your daily collection of funnies

Funny me after lunch ultrasound at

Tuesday hilarity – Once more, the time has come for us to treat you to our collection of smile-packed daily findings. We know that Tuesday has been proved to be the most productive day of the “standard” business week (the less prolific, with no real surprise, turning out to be Friday), but do not let that stop you from checking ... Read More »

Funny Tuesday collection – Your daily giggles are here

Dirty mind wine at

Funny Tuesday collection – Awesome news, after today there will only be 78 days to go before we finish the year (11 weeks & 1 day to be precise). While we know that this very useful piece of information may fill your heart with joy, let’s stay focused shall we, and spend the next few minutes procrastinating. Wishing you a ... Read More »

Tuesday funny pics – Time to crack yourself up


Tuesday funny pics – While Tuesday is known to be the most productive day of the week, there’s absolutely no reason why a few chuckles should be left out of the schedule. Without any further explanation, here is our selection of daily funny pics and gifs; so please feel free to serve yourselves. Wishing you a lighthearted PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Funny memes and Co – A dose of funny bone candy


Funny memes & Co – Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Jolly Folly store. Today’s boutique’s promotions include a 100% discount on wicked pictures and funny memes. Each of the latter come with a free serving of devilish chuckles evidently, so why not grab a cart and treat yourself to a stroll down the lanes of our emporium now. Wishing ... Read More »

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