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Foolish Hump day – Let the giggles flow through you

This country needs a department of common sense – Foolish Hump day at

Foolish Hump day – For those of you who feel the need to celebrate making it through the first part of the business week (essential milestone indeed),by treating yourself to a handful of chuckles; the following collection of Wednesday funnies is at your entire disposition, so please be our guests. Wishing you a joyful PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Hump day goodies – A midweek selection of funnies

Funny autumn dog turds – Hump day goodies at

Hump day goodies – As usual, Wednesday, aka the middle finger of the business week, is the perfect occasion for everyone to catch a breath. The time has come to fill up a tad your giggle-o-meter, and we’d be thrilled if you allowed us to contribute into setting the mood with our latest addition of funny pics, so don’t hesitate ... Read More »

Hump day playtime – Paying allegiance to the funnies

Funny Ygritte and Facebook at

Hump day playtime – As you make it to the top of yet another midweek hill, you should seriously consider taking a few minutes in order to chill and catch your breath. This could turn out to be the perfect occasion to dedicate a little quality time to sightseeing before initiating your descent, and if we may, what follows is ... Read More »

Amusing Wednesday – Rendez vous with the chuckles

Four wives is great funny cartoon at

Amusing Wednesday – Before going any further, we would like to apologize for any inconveniences that you may of encountered during the past few days while trying to reach us. Indeed, as you may have noticed, we faced a few issues which took some time to be resolved…. A few of our latest posts were also lost in the process ... Read More »

Wednesday guffaws – A collection of Hump Day funnies

My dog was licking his nuts humor at

Wednesday guffaws – Time for you to take a few minutes in order to look back and appreciate all the hard work which has been accomplished so far. Once that has been ticked off your list, you can now take a few minutes to sit back, catch a breath and fit in a few chuckles, before committing yourself to the ... Read More »

Hump day funnies – Your midweek delivery of smiles

Sarcastic iPhone alarm at

Hump day funnies – In a completely unrelated topic, did you know that studies have determined that Wednesday was the day of the week when bosses are the most willing to look into and consider any requests brought to their attention by their employees? So if ever you’ve had a specific plead going through your mind for a while now, ... Read More »

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