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Hump day laughter – A midweek side splitting session

Fookyu fish meme at PMSLweb.com

Hump day laughter – As you reach the peak of the week, you decide to treat your camel to a little break, and while allowing him to chill slightly, you take the time to admire all the achievements reached since you kick started the new business week. During this well-deserved halt, we cordially invite you to check out our latest ... Read More »

Mischievous Hump day – Teasing your funny bone

Buying a shovel sarcastic ecard at PMSLweb.com

Mischievous Hump day – As we reach the first real milestone of the week, the least we can do is to reward ourselves with a handful of chuckles; so why allow yourselves a five minute break, and come and give a glimpse at we have in store for you today. As we know, once the spirits are up, we always ... Read More »

Funny Wednesday –Hump day laughter time coming up

funny fireflies fact at PMSLweb.com

Funny Wednesday – This time next week, those of you who celebrate Christmas will most probably be seeing to the last minute details and shopping, and in the case where you’re the one receiving, the time will have came to give that kitchen check-list a last peep and kick-start the evening feast preparations. In the meantime though, one last hump ... Read More »

Hump day guffaws – A collection of Wednesday goodies

I wish I had a lower IQ sarcastic ecard at PMSLweb.com

Hump day guffaws – As yet another midweek peak is reached, and as you catch a breath while admiring the breathtaking scenery; we’ve decided to jump on the occasion to submit to your appreciation our selection of funnies for this Wednesday session. May the remaining part of the week be a goodie and treat you right. Wishing you a smile-powered ... Read More »

Hump day fun zone – The midweek loony bin welcomes you

Funny Facebook friendship at PMSLweb.com

Hump day fun zone – Why not take a few minutes, in order to appreciate the breathtaking scenery the peak of the week has to offer? Can you hear the distant chuckles and sneers emanating from the horizon? If yes, then perfect, just close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the latter; you should be amongst us in ... Read More »

Wednesday craziness – A funny humporama

Wednesday craziness – If in need for a midweek enhancer, we may just have what you need. Today we’ve decided to treat all of you online giggle junkies to a Hump day fix of craze. Don’t beat yourselves up though; be assured that there’s no way in the world that we would ever even consider leading you on a guilt ... Read More »