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Wednesday hilarity – Casting a spell on your funny bone

It’s called alcohol funny quote – Wednesday hilarity

Wednesday hilarity – Once upon a time valiant web surfers had finally made their way to the midweek doorway and were about to find out if the grass does actually turn out to be greener on the other side. Just before adventuring head first into the unknown, the latter decided to make a small halt in order to build up ... Read More »

Funny pictures – Your Wednesday delicatessen

Funny Ford vehicle names game at

Funny pictures – The best way we know of to wish you a happy “hump day”, is one which consists in submitting to your funny bone a good dose of nonsense. Indeed, rare are those who will refuse to let themselves be tempted for a few minutes, so let’s get going, as our Wednesday collection of funny pics awaits you. ... Read More »

Hump day BS – Your midweek dose of sillies

Funny search and rescue and natural selection at

Hump day BS – Once in a while our virtual pastures require a little fertilizing, and what better than to sprinkle a little B.S on the latter in order to sublimate them. If you have a few minutes ahead of you, why not treat yourself to a breath of fresh air, and embrace a delightful moment in total harmony with ... Read More »

Wednesday LOL – A breaking Hump day


Wednesday LOL - Time for us to treat you to your usual midweek wave of funnies. Once again, our Wednesday gallery of funny pictures is nonsense-packed, but would you really want it any other way? Stay strong, only 3 more days to go for most of you before diving into yet another eagerly awaited weekend… Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb ... Read More »

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