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Silly Sunday – The wild procrastination zone

Give peas a chance John Lennon humor – Silly Sunday

Silly Sunday –In opposition with Nike, if Sunday had its own slogan, the latter could possibly be “Just don’t do it”. Indeed, Sunday isn’t really know to be a day that flirts with motivation, but when it comes to relaxation, that can turn out to be a whole different story. In order to perpetuate the laze, why not dedicate the ... Read More »

Weekend nonsense – A Saturday edition of funnies

Danish farmers turn your piss back into beer – Weekend nonsense

Weekend nonsense – A Saturday edition of funnies Weekend nonsense – While we hope that the weekend has been living up to your expectations so far, and that the latter has turned out to be totally stress-free, we also would like to make sure that your Saturday has correctly been punctuated with a few smiles. Just to be on the ... Read More »

Weekend humor – Keeping the procrastination strong

Who wants to be a millionaire alternative horsepower solutions

Weekend humor – Welcome to our latest edition of weekend funnies. Once more, our sole purpose today will be to offer you a helping hand in order to reach an acceptable level of procrastination (determining factor as far as a weekend’s overall quality is concerned). So if you have not done so yet, time to kick-off your shoes and enjoy. ... Read More »

Saturday funnies – A collection of jokey pics

Husbands don’t need to ask for directions joke at

Saturday funnies – Did you know that Saturday was known to be the perfect day to hunt down vampires? Indeed, in the Vampire world, these blood sucking ghastly creatures are not authorized to leave their caskets on this specific day/night; so if ever you’ve been looking for the perfect occasion to try out your brand new set of stakes, why ... Read More »

Hilarious Sunday – The art of procrastinating

Cure for stupidity pills at

Hilarious Sunday – While opinions tend to diverge as far as Sunday is concerned, most of us will agree that the latter is the week’s procrastinating day by excellence. On one hand it’s often a day when we allow our body to recover from our Friday and Saturday escapades, while on the other, knowing that tomorrow is Monday, just doesn’t ... Read More »

LOL pictures – The crazier the better

Raise awareness on stupidity humor at

LOL pictures – The weekend is always the perfect occasion to unleash those stranded emotions that you tend to bottle-up all week long. Bearing that in mind, today’s collection of funnies should allow you to treat your inner demons to some well deserved quality time, so kick-off your shoes and enjoy. Wishing you a side-splitting PMSLweb moment! Read More »

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