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Saturday hilarity – Ingredients for a mirthful weekend

Funny ancestry site picture at

Saturday hilarity – When you accidentally end up bashing your funny bone, aka ulnar nerve – which starts in your neck and finishes its race down in your hand – against your humerus, honestly, there’s nothing “funny” about the whole experience, as the specific pain brought on by the impact will make you wince more than it will make you ... Read More »

Weekend lolz – Crazy is in the house tonight


Weekend lolz – Before getting started today, we would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our Muslim buddies, we hope that the upcoming year will treat you right and turn out to be synonym of love, health and happiness in general (please take it easy on the nanah tea will you). As far as the rest of ... Read More »

Saturday LOL – Let us enhance your weekend


Saturday LOL – For all those of you who have fully or partially decided to dedicate your weekend to procrastinating, please find bellow our selection of Saturday funnies. Sometimes the best weekends turn out to be those where nothing specific was planned, but nonetheless, giggles should always be part of the equation. Wishing you a cheerful PMSLweb moment! Read More »

LOL images – A nonsense tainted collection


LOL images – Buckle up, little Timmy as Monday is on its way… More seriously, we hope that you had an astonishing and crazy weekend, and have fully tanked up on positive vibes in order to face the upcoming new week. In the meantime, why not treat yourself to a handful of funnies? Wishing you a chillax PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Saturday Madness – Funnies to set the weekend mood


Saturday Madness – We hope that so far the weekend has been treating you right, and that you’re making the most of it (if the plan revolves around procrastination, may it be top-notch). The time has come for us to submit to your appreciation our weekend selection of funnies, may the latter contribute in fulfilling your Saturday mood gauge. Wishing ... Read More »

Funny Saturday – Your weekend selection of funnies


Funny Saturday – Welcome to funny bone land; our staff is delighted to see you drop by today, and will now attempt to make the most out of your stay. Amongst the freebies put at your disposition during your visit, you will find lighthearted chuckles, side-splitting guffaws and indelible giggles, so please be our guests and pick-up what you need. ... Read More »

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