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Weekend nonsense – A Saturday edition of funnies

Danish farmers turn your piss back into beer – Weekend nonsense

Weekend nonsense – A Saturday edition of funnies Weekend nonsense – While we hope that the weekend has been living up to your expectations so far, and that the latter has turned out to be totally stress-free, we also would like to make sure that your Saturday has correctly been punctuated with a few smiles. Just to be on the ... Read More »

Weekend nonsense – Your WE edition of sillies

Funny what kind of guys get into equestrian meme at

Weekend nonsense – By now, each and every one of you should have comfortably settled into the weekend. While for some, the 48 hours which precede the hectic business week will turn out to be a wild marathon of madness, for others – or both- a weekend cannot possibly be complete without dedicating time to procrastination, and that’s where we ... Read More »

Weekend nonsense – When gibberish hits its apogee

Of course I’m not perfect funny quote – Weekend nonsense at

Weekend nonsense – Our two cents… Basically, letting go of mind taunting ballast could be considered as a recurring weekend leitmotiv. No matter what the week had decided to grant you with, when the end of the weeks kicks-in, all you really need is to chill. Time to dive into the nonsense side of the force with our latest collection ... Read More »

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