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Saturday giggles – A handful of weekend smiles


Saturday giggles – As the weekend is running its course, either in party or procrastination mode, a little surfing will very often end up being included to your schedule. During those moments you’ll often just want to chill a tad, and a collection of funnies can turn out to be a perfect checkpoint in order to do so, so please ... Read More »

Weekend PMSL – Will you dare to come and take a spin


Weekend PMSL – Time to focus on those inhibitions of yours and to take them for a “wicked” spin. Post – Scriptum: Nonetheless, Please keep your usual boundaries in mind and do not attempt any maneuver which you could regret on Monday morning. On these wise words please allow us to wish you a brilliant PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Weekend lol – A collection of funny pics and gifs


Weekend lol – We hope that your weekend is looking good so far and that you’re doing your best to optimize the giggle factor – which let’s face it is the main ingredient in having a successful one. Here’s our little daily contribution, and evidently we hope that the latter will bring you entire satisfaction (although we do not apply ... Read More »

Saturday lolz – A paroxysm of weekend chuckles


Saturday lolz – Practicing the ancestral art of procrastination requires specific prerequisites, including an optimized chillax atmosphere, open chakras – this can be achieved using various methods , including a few drinkies (we shouldn’t have to remind you to drink Responsibly evidently) for example – and the necessary amount of quality time on your hands. Indeed, nothing worse than trying ... Read More »

Funny Saturday pictures – To the weekend and beyond


Funny Saturday pictures – The weekend is here so live long and procrastinate. Time for you to put all your problems aside and just focus on yourself for two days; we have faith in you, seriously we know that you can do it. Kick-off your boots and let your hair hang loose while also scheduling a trip – or two ... Read More »

Saturday funnies – A few chuckles free of charge


Saturday funnies – We hope that you won’t mind if we quickly interrupt your overbooked and obviously thrilling weekend schedule in order to submit to your appreciation a new gallery of Saturday funnies. Indeed we did do our best to try and resist, but the temptation was finally too strong, so please bear with us. We hope that the weekend ... Read More »

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