TGIF Collection – Time to upgrade your giggle level

TGIF Collection – You’ve been maintaining your level of smiles to a satisfying degree all through the week, but with Friday finally here, the time has now come to update the latter to the latest kick-butt version! This new edition has ruled out many stressful professional glitches including applications such as “Alarm Clock” and “whack a coworker or boss” which were sadly mandatory on the weekly toolbar.

Wishing you a crazy PMSLweb moment!

Just a friendly reminder not to skip leg day
Bryan for president funny
who is afraid of whom funny
gingerbread crack house
microwave asking for sacrifice meme
dude you’re a koala meme
I know I swear a lot
she misspelled something on the internet
take your child to work day funny tweet
new born baby rocks
for f*ck’s sake ecard
this is why I have trust issues meme
made in china versus made in germany
I must go my people need me
nutella party funny
one day she will develop breasts funny
follow him for free wifi
some people were dropped on their heads as babies funny quote
self defense steps for women funny
lady gaga ecard
where is your god now funny
girls versus boys funny
sergeant in marine owns students
look who grew up funny
I’m not judging you ecard
not proud to be English funny quote
trust me we are invisible police funny
and a tad-polish funny meme
my entire life has been a lie
another day has passed and I did not use algebra ecard
adult Capri sun ecard
guitar pop toilet
however drunk you were be proud
you have a right to your opinion ecard
I think we know why the mustache was added
serve this to your OCD friend
the first 12 months they want us to sit up and speak
office funny
internet explorer keep calm
everything I want to do is illegal
my motto is fish ecard
john cleese has it about right funny
watermelon youtube funny comment
day 10 I gained the women’s trust
women in Sparta funny
twerking and selfie have been added to the dictionary
welcome to the petting zoo
that feeling when you take your bra off
we lost the 6th book funny
when I woke up today I had no plans to be this sexy ecard
bring me my purse meme