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TGIF fun – A delivery of Friday funnies

TGIF fun – You are now (or will soon) cruising through the uprising and mischievous Friday zone. During the next 48h, many adventures await you, so why not prepare yourself psychologically as from now before your inner demons decide to take over, with the following collection of funny pics.

Wishing you a fun-packed weekend ahead and a joyful PMSLweb moment!

Funny logical service order – TGIF fun at

Funny Wikipedia Mario Kart definition at

Funny never work a day in your life quote at

Secret pigeon briefing humor at

Funny pre-cum ketchup tweet at

While in the shower humor – TGIF fun at

Lidl mermaid meme at

Mario Bros Stalin humor at

Basic Instinct football version at

Fat Amy Victoria’s secret tweet at

Funny scientists Google search at

Funny Adam and Eve animated at

Funny sarcastic watch – TGIF fun at

The church advises you meme at

Chess because f*ck you humor at

Funny graduation card at

Medieval whatever meme at

Friends know how to cheer me up meme at

Funny extremist muslim in Egypt cartoon – TGIF fun at

Funny optimum amount of sleep fortune cookie at

Funny card deck family cartoon at

Favorite American holiday funny tweet at

I hate everyone funny cartoon at

I’m sorry sarcastic card at

Posing versus being yourself on photos humor – TGIF fun at

Bald Disney Zeus humor at

Porn hub top searches by gender at

Stupid woman writes to ask Amy at

Volkswagen emission test center meme at

The adventures of business cat funny cartoon at

Space whisky is back – TGIF fun at

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