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TGIF Fun – Friday is here so bring it on

TGIF Fun – As today tends to be the wildest day of the week, no doubt that you should totally be up for a few badass giggles in order to correctly initiate your weekend. Bellow, you shall find our latest selection of TGIF funnies, so let’s start spiking up your mood as from now.

Wishing you a crazy weekend ahead and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Funny bobsleigh fail - TGIF fun at

Polar bear’s genitals are shrinking at

Grumpy cat Star Wars meme at

Honey badger day humor at

Funny bird therapy cartoon at

Funny Arabic sign fail at

Bowl of stupid – TGIF fun at

Once upon a time ecard at

Let it snow fail at

Precision shooting demotivational at

Bushes here and there Dr Seuss parody at

Irish independent newspaper fail at

Snowman funeral cartoon – TGIF fun at

I’m fabulous bird at

You still have a job Dr Seuss humor at

Funny LOL warning at

Sarcastic the love of your life ecard at

Idiot sarcastic cat at

Funny tell a tale book at

I want to be as fat as I was when I was 20 ecard at

Sriracha lip balm – TGIF fun at

Medieval gangnam syle at

The meal is not over meme at

While I’m downloading cartoon at

It was nice seeing you ecard at

F*ck you Carl cat meme – TGIF fun at

Speed hump meme at

Hilarious resume at

Funny terrorist ransom at

Bizarro 21st century freakshow at

Horny elephant meme at

Funny anatomy of a wasp – TGIF fun at

Mouse cursor prank at

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