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TGIF funnies – A last waltz before the weekend

TGIF funnies – Kick starting the weekend with a little twist in your hilarity often turns out to be a pretty good plan; so for those of you who tend to agree, please allow us to submit to your appreciation our selection of Friday funnies. Don’t be shy, and let us tempt you…

Wishing you a crazy PMSLweb moment!

Funny Chinese story – TGIF funnies at

Jesus resurrection humor at

I’m a woman ecard at

Sarcastic t-Shirt at

Walking on glass funny comment at

Funny Facebook ecard at

Gold digger Barbie – TGIF funnies at

Harpo’s horrible secret at

Love makes you do crazy things at

Funny fat Amy tweet at

Seductive gorilla meme at

New study about complaining – TGIF funnies at

Business hours funny sign at

Cat in front of lion documentary at

Victorian iPad funny at

When a male octopus finds a mate at

Ninja star phone meme at

Washed and blow dried cow – TGIF funnies at

Dick in the tree funny at

Cat postures and levels of trust funny at

Dog realizing he’s going to the vets meme at

When you're dead browser history at

I thought it was her pony tail at

Losing your virginity humor at

Funny elephant and crocodile meme – TGIF funnies at

Changing baby sign fail at

Cat getting his neck rubbed humor at

Funny cat logic at

Get lost in nature funny hipster edit at

There’s 2 ways we could do this funny message at

Do you live here funny door mat? At

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