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TGIF funny pics – A delivery of Friday chuckles

TGIF funny pics – Please be aware that you are now entering the weekend airspace, and in order to celebrate your arrival at destination, please accept a handful of humble humoristic pictures as a welcome gift.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead and a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Doorbell broken – TGIF funny pics at

Dentist chair meme at

Apricot humor at

Tadpoles are carnivores cartoon at

I can’t believe it’s not butter at

Why do walruses google humor at

Yoda and the cookie monster – TGIF funny pics at

Forever alone on facebook at

Tumblr orange fail at

Rubber the movie at

I love you but you’re being a f*cktard at

Our eggs are fresher than your neighbor’s kids at

Bird on keyboard – TGIF funny pics at

Future is failing at

World’s biggest erection at

Pinata people hurt me because I’m different at

Funny google search results at

Kinder egg humor – TGIF funny pics at

Hilarious sign demotivational at

Understand sometimes you can’t at

How to break dance funny at

Carpet diem at

How to play facebook games funny at

F*cktard bureau of investigations – TGIF funny pics at

Pineapple funny fact at

Fiber one funny cereal at

Crash tests for dummies at

X-men funny cartoon at

Funny news headlines at

Inebriation demotivational – TGIF funny pics at

Lion- O and He-Man humor at

Teamwork demotivational at

Fighting off ninjas easy at

Cleric level 80 at

Ghost poop pacman humor at

Caught playing solitaire at work priceless at

I see what you did there Japan at

Rude snow white – TGIF funny at

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