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TGIF funny pictures – Greeting the weekend with a smile

TGIF funny pictures – While some lucky buggers have already started snuggling their cherished weekend, for a majority of us, a few hours remain before we finally can be reunited with the object of our desire. In order to kill time, we’ve put together a Friday collection of funnies, so why not give it a shot? No doubt that before you even realize it, the time will have come to abandon yourself to your beloved Friday evening….

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead and a wicked PMSLweb moment!

Skyping with grandparents humor – TGIF funny pictures at

My ball is empty cat meme at

Pigeon prank at

Taking your ex back is like at

Grandma’s are always so nice meme at

Brazilian minions at

My cat has no shame meme – TGIF funny pictures at

Jet ski in plastic pool at

Funny vintage rain cape at

Funny Tokyo toilet exhibit at

Funny Russian hackers cartoon at

Fog is just a heavy cloud at

Funny clothes size cartoon – TGIF funny pictures at

Homicide slogan fail at

Funny Pokemon cartoon at

Funny thought of the day at

I meowed at my grandfather’s cat meme at

Forever alone prom level at

Nothing can beat this funny comment at

It’s snowing outside Batman bitchslap – TGIF funny pictures at

Seductive praying mantis iPhone humor at

Funny Genghis Khan cartoon at

When you have bigger boobs than the girl next to you at

Home is where you poop with an open door at

Summer tan these days  at

Coca cola garlic – TGIF funny pictures at

This could be us coca cola humor at

The only person you can trust is yourself humor at

Funny Alien cartoon at

Funny prelude de fornication at

Just lick it – TGIF funny pictures at

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