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TGIF humor – Our daily gallery of funny pics

TGIF humor – Friday is finally here, and while some of you lucky peeps have already had the chance to kick-start the TGIF festivities, the rest of us will still have to wait a few hours before they can officially let their hair hang down and rejoice. Whatever the drill, why not take a few to treat your funny bone to a little quality time by checking out our latest edition of funny pictures?

Wishing you a delightful weekend ahead and a joyful PMSLweb moment!

Our use of emojis humor – TGIF humor

Funny store dressing organizing

A girlfriend would be better gaming humor

Funny secret behind her name

Funny looking back on Facebook

Funny cat puppet cartoon

Hilarious dafuq illusion

Funny dr Seuss store fail – TGIF humor

Penguins in Noah’s ark humor

Funny two plus two math

Funny stupid person Islam fail

When the squad is high at the shopping mall humor

Funny mum’s facebook status

Funny grandmother with brass knuckles – TGIF humor

Funny shooting star animated

Steve Carell plus the rock humor

Awkward company name

Cheating wife busted on snapchat

Funny mum owns son on Facebook

When the kid wakes up funny painting caption – TGIF humor

Funny M’Semen product name fail

Why you have a younger brother funny comment

Nothing says f*ck you funny quote

Funny soccer finger revenge

Funny transitioning to a woman comment

Why this guy kept staring at me meme – TGIF humor

What would you ask god humor

Funny stay away from her message

Hairlines humor

funny wedding name combos

How to extend the length of your essays humor

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