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Tgif laughter – Take a spin down funny lane

Tgif laughter – The weekend is now knocking at your door and once more, in order to celebrate, here’s a new collection of funnies containing pictures we came across left and right during our hours of wicked scavenging. We hope you will enjoy and have an awesome weekend ahead of you in all cases.

Wishing you a pleasant PMSLweb moment!

Family tattoo fail – Tgif laughter at

Just pee in the hole comment at

Only 2990’s kids remember this meme at

Instant friend just add wine – Tgif laughter at

Cul de sack meme – Tgif laughter at

Aquaman humor at

Send me nudes iPhone funny at

Jehovah witness final level – Tgif laughter at

What are you trying to say walmart at

Hairy armpits meme at

Stripped bananas funny at

Surfing Jesus meme – Tgif laughter at

Boob job kit at

Keep your iPhones under your watch at

Banged more than a snooze button on Monday morning at

Redneck murder – Tgif laughter at

I’m not saying I grew up in a bad neighborhood at PMSLweb .com

1994 was the worst year in music at

Evolution is a lie Pokemon funny at

Don’t beam me up Scotty – Tgif laughter at

List of serial killers meme at

The clap bra at

Waking up will be hard meme at

Passed out drunk meme – Tgif laughter at

Video game chicks are so sexy at

Internet explorer basketball dunk at

My 3 year old daughter said she needed raisins at

Mini vibrator vintage advert – Tgif laughter at

Sheep wrong neighborhood meme at

Jesus gift basket meme at

Text a girl hey beautiful comment at

Beatles and one direction meme – Tgif laughter at

Multiple orgasm donor at

Lettuce pray at

Built like Mike from monsters inc. at

Miley deleted scene from the exorcist at

Christmas tree bondage – Tgif laughter at

The most American picture in existence at

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