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TGIF LOL pictures – Kickass nonsense coming up

TGIF LOL pictures – We hope that everyone has made it to the weekend in one piece – may you or not have the two next days off, because evidently we may not point it out all that often but we do take into account that for many of you Saturday & Sunday don’t actually turn out to be a synonym of “weekend”! Nonetheless, we are firm believers that laughter should be omnipresent all through the week, and that going a single day without could lead to dramatic results… so why take any unnecessary risks? Our latest selection of Friday nonsense is now live, so without further ado feel free to dig in!

Wishing a fantastic weekend ahead and a riotous PMSLweb moment!

My friends keep asking who is my favorite sarcastic humor - TGIF LOL pictures

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It’s not easy being me funny fast food meme

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Jesus is always watching you humor

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When you give her the best 3min of her life funny meme

When you push a pull door funny tweet

My grandma asked me to fix her phone funny meme

That moment you realize she’s not sitting on a couch funny meme

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Taking shot off girl funny puke fail

Mum is my angle funny tattoo fail

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I hate drama funny meme

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I don’t think America should elect a president in 2016 funny tweet

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Ikea is Swedish for f*ck you gif – TGIF LOL pictures

Sting leaves swimmer paralyzed funny news

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