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TGIF nonsense – A handful of funny Friday mischief

TGIF nonsense – Thank goodness it’s Friday, a love story which probably would make Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra or even Scarlett O-Hara and Rhett Butler turn green with envy. Indeed, when it comes to our beloved Friday we go all-in, no false pretenses or modesty implied here, and let’s face it, Friday has us wrapped around its little finger and knows just how to make us fall head over heels for him time and time again. Since laughter is now in the house, why not kick-start the party with our latest edition of Friday funnies?

Wishing you a fun-packed weekend ahead and a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Funny TGIF batman bitchslap – TGIF nonsense

It’s Friday sarcastic ecard

Keep this in the back of your mind humor

Funny land Rover gear box

Calm down it’s just a peach humor

Here is my last f*ck meme

Diet fail cat meme

Time to wake up the green day guy meme – TGIF nonsense

The reason it’s called almond milk funny quote

Funny Limewire quote

When his dick stinks joke

Funny stay with the one who treats you like a prince

Funny Jesus or Satan’s child post

Funny baby needs prayers Facebook fail

I drink alcohol to drown my problems funny quote

Receiving a dick pic funny quote – TGIF nonsense

Putin is Mona Lisa humor

Best necklace ever humor

Why onions make me cry funny cartoon

Pope then and now humor

Why guys trim their pubes humor

Trump in a nutshell humor – TGIF nonsense

Funny when someone tells you to take the upcoming exit

Funny Tequila bar sign

Your only chance of getting laid funny quote

Funny mountain bike expectations versus reality

Funny redneck love tweet

Yep, it’s chocolate humor – TGIF nonsense

Funny sex offenders app fail

Terrible but funny puns

When you run out of Q-tips humor

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