Tgif pictures – Your crazy Friday starter-pack is here

Tgif pictures – The day we’ve been waiting for all week is finally here. Your date, the sulfurous Friday, will be knocking on your door soon, in order to pick you up and take you for a crazy spin. Are you ready for it? He’s known to be such a wild child, and God knows what he has planned for you this time round; you are warned.

Wishing you a delicious PMSLweb moment!

It’s Friday madarfacars on

Batman facepalm – Tgif pictures at

Pacman hangover – Tgif pictures at

Calling from my cellphone funny cartoon at

Google search humor at

Canadian borg meme at

Nothing says f*ck you quote at

iPhone funny – Tgif pictures at

I followed my heart ecard at

You have no power here meme at

Bring your husband’s inside – Tgif pictures at

OCD/C funny cartoon at

Koala meme at

Hong Kong funny fact – Tgif pictures at

Ipad versus Nokia drop at

Doggy style meme at

Dude I wasn’t that drunk at

Whenever I drive past my old high school humor at

Blonde swimming joke – Tgif pictures at

I was drawing a penis tumblr humor at

Submarine racing demotivational at

Thank you Vegeta demotivational at

Funny spider meme – Tgif pictures at

Funny romantic apology at

Shit just got real fastfood meme at

All hail this piece of sh*t car at

Seriously Google meme – Tgif pictures at

Today I saw Batman on my way to work meme at

Justin Bieber pants WTF is this sh*t meme at

F*ck this sh*it label at

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag meme at

Funny Hamlet cartoon – Tgif pictures at

Rainbow mind blow at

Dog for sale betrayal meme at

Swiss pirates cartoon at

Crude train good morning – Tgif pictures at

Drink and drunk glasses at

This is Karma meme at

Narcissistic owl cartoon at

F*cktard free zone – Tgif pictures at

Cleaning service iPhone humor at

F*ck you folks at

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