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TGIF – Breaking the cast off the Funny Bone

TGIF – Would you believe it, Friday is finally knocking at your door, and it’s about time that this grimful week hit its end. Yes we know that you’re already dreading to say goodbye to your beloved co-workers, and while you will try to deny, tears are welling up just at the thought of having to get through the next two days without seeing their saucy little faces and insolent grins which usually are the highlight of your day; but we firmly believe that you can do this!

Wishing you an effervescent PMSLweb moment !

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I get more A than you
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woman is driving 1st time on the highway
girls notebooks versus guys notebooks
Canadian graffiti
get a boyfriend they said
I just dropped the f*ck I was about to give
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his hands say hospital
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one girl versus one airbag
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what is your batman name
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it is time come with us
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wearing a gun fail
you never really bought these they just kinda appeared
dad is iron man son wears batman
scotlands national animal
it’s a status not your diary ecard
on the other hand you have different fingers
shut the duck up
snoopy planking since 1958
I just saw her picture on facebook ecard
say eye spell map say ness
I poop rainbows
dead dog in suitcase
look at all this work I haven’t done yet
I hate my boyfriend diet funny
I get more cleaning done in 10 minutes ecard
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so I was buying a soda jesus funny
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do not use batteries as toothpaste
Ed O’Neill has been reading the same newspaper for 20 years
party rock is in the house tonight
serial killers only target women who wear matching bra and panties set
dad owns on iPhone
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I can’t see myself coming into work today ecard
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I don’t think you’re a fool funny

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