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The Online Tattoo Kingdom – The Best and…. the Worst

The Online Tattoo Kingdom – No need to go over the various reasons people will set for this or that tattoo nor discuss why they will pick a specific location over another. What can be pointed out on the other hand is the seek for originality that some will faithfully try and pursue in order to make history; and while some will achieve their goal before admiring eyes, others will forever gain worldwide notoriety thanks to epic tattoo fails…
Wishing you an artistic PMSLweb moment!

living dead face tattoo
face tattoo and piercing
spiderweb hand tattoo
tattoo rectification
google it hand tattoo
spider tattoo on back
pig gone to the market missing toe tattoo
alien movie tattoo
cat butt navel tattoo
gun behind back tattoo
mouth tattooed on neck
butt cheek tattoo
Madonna tattoo on back
feline face man tattoo
eyes behind head tattoo
cutting grass tattoo
stump shark tattoo
pacman eating nipple tattoo
eyelid eye tattoo
circle of spiders eye tattoo
greedy money mouth tattoo
entire body tattoo
ouija board back tattoo
daddy will kill you tattoo
angel on shaved head tattoo
insert coin here tattoo
place boob here hand tattoo
face leaf tattoo
deaf out of order ear tattoo
new born baby tattoo on breasts
retro london tattoo
Inca tattoo
pope JP II tattoo
amazing arm tattoo
epic fail on pegasus tattoo
dod you really regret nothing tattoo
f*ck the system epic tattoo fail
epic tradegy tattoo fail
epic tattoo fail tomorrow never knows
epic tattoo fail leave a comment
epic tattoo fail you re next
epic extreme tattoo fail
grammar epic tattoo fail


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