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The Purring Collection – Kick-start your week with a Meow!

The Purring welcomes you today to the mystical and fascinating cat kingdom; because our domestic felines have always turned out to be an amazing source of entertainment upfront – it’s undeniable – and the phenomenon has only but increased over the years with the arrival of the internet era.
Often perceived, or at least they do, as the ultimate rulers of the roost, our kitties can easily be classified as “pets with an attitude”, but it only leads to making us mock them.. I mean love them more!

Wishing you a fantastic pole scratching PMSLweb moment.

opera cat sings with passion
cat did someone say food
how a cat looks after doing something bad
don't sit on his lap now carl - cat funny
cat trying to steal the feather duster
cute cat wants attention gif
two cats cross on fence
funny cats watching squirrel out the window
cat outside for too long funny
why? because I F you that's why - cat funny
just trying to have some alone time in the toilet cat funny
cat jump out of box funny gif
my mom was complaining cat funny
note to self when she asks if her butt looks fat lie! cat
release my genitals human cat funny
hungry cat funny gif
look what you've done to me human!
my god the box is amazing cat funny
I don't usually want to cuddle cat meme
can spot out a bird from across the yarn cat funny
It's so shiny I must murder it cat funny
funny cat jump fail gif
guess what - the restraining order just expired cat
it is every cats sacred duty funny
nothing good ever comes from this look cat funny
this is a good place to sit cat funny
it's cool man she's 18 cat funny
new facial scar cat funny
funny cat helicopter fail gif
carl you're going to get out there cat funny
your offering pleases me you may sit cat funny
story of sebastian the cat and his food phobia
I see you have returned feed me now cat funny
laser guides funny cat gif
trashcat is not amused
funny cat to glory gif
I don't always meow as loud as I can cat funny
Oh I'm sorry were you doing something cat funny
He thought it would be an easier way to bath the cat
do not want cat bath fail
cat jump fail gif
please look before you slam the lid down next time cat
cat funny fail
catnuts roasting on open fire
cat paw under door fail
cat high five gif
how to tell if your cat is plotting on killing you
cat in bathtub fail funny gif
talk to your cat about Hitler funny
sleep inside? F you I'm a cat
funny cat fail gif
Dedicated to someone very special….
Ma the meatloaf funny cat

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