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Thursday chuckles – Spiking up the end of the week

Thursday chuckles – We no longer need to walk you through Thursday’s well-oiled process, as by now we have no doubt that you masterfully ace the latter. So let’s cut short on the jib jab shall we, and get directly to the point…

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Generations after google glasses launch meme – Thursday chuckles at

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Naughty Mario Bros parody at

Funny dinosaur cartoon at

The cat and the fiddle parody at

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Weird character on the pope’s clothing – Thursday chuckles at

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Price tag fail at

Clicking to correct the error funny at

Google glasses expectations versus reality at

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Said no woman ever humor – Thursday chuckles at

Funny dog I’m gonna smell that thing so hard at

Cats on the different internet social networks humor at

My friend Dick meme at

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The human centipede on ice – Thursday chuckles at

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Home is where nobody listens to you at

Vacuuming what my dog sees at

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USB cake fail at

Chinese menu translation fail at

No and slow internet humor at

Funny war meme at

That mini heart attack at

How to walk on ice humor – Thursday chuckles at

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