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Thursday funnies – A funny memes and pictures post

Thursday funnies – By this time tomorrow many of you won’t really be given a rat’s ass about much, if not making it out of work in time. Oddly enough, you may even surprise yourself by making small talk to that overly painful and boring co-worker whom you wish you could whack across the mouth during the rest of the week. Go figure, we should have given up on trying to understand Friday magic ages ago anyway… In the meantime though, we still have a 24h void to fill, so if you’re up for a few lighthearted giggles search no more and give our latest selection of Thursday funnies a shot!

Wishing you a chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Captain tiny arm and baby mega hand funny meme - Thursday funnies

Funny Google search for missionary position

They never ask how's the good boy funny dog meme

The pressure under sea is immense funny meme

Come over I'm watching wheel of fortune funny meme

Is this bus supportive or threatening me funny meme - Thursday funnies

Baby oil dissolves condoms funny comment

Makeup is my calling funny

Facetiming water so it doesn't boil over funny meme

If you see me eating salad in a restaurant funny quote

Sometimes I check out my cleavage funny quote - Thursday funnies

The human body cannot survive without WIFI funny quote

A woman's apology sarcastic joke

Why there are only 3 lanes open at Walmart funny meme

I just got my acceptance letter from medical school funny meme

Who ya gonna call funny sign - Thursday funnies

What clear and sober means funny meme

If your coffee shop has a passive aggressive sign funny tweet

Libraries were a good start funny sarcastic quote

Cycling in America funny sarcastic guide

Wiretapping then versus now funny meme - Thursday funnies

A great way to let go of you anger is to write letters funny meme

Who was America's first president funny fail

Three rules to live by humor

While driving in the rain do you look at other drivers windshield wipers funny tweet

Funny Putin T-shirt forehead effect - Thursday funnies

When you summon the dark pumpkin spice lord funny meme

Is it firsthand or first hand funny newspaper fail

When she bites it during 69 funny adult meme

If we get 1 million likes Daddy will stop cheating adult humor

People on craigslist are sensitive as hell funny text message

It's been a long week humor - Thursday funnies

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