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Thursday funnies gallery – a few chuckles on the loose

Thursday funnies – Time to make our way to the TGIF starting line, so past this point those of us who are still making it through Thursday must now relate to the hours they have left as being part of a simple formality.
Some people see the 4th business day as some sort of useless entity, while others actually quite enjoy it and tend to assimilate the latter to some sort of pre-Friday…. So where do you stand?

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment whatever your position is regarding “Thirsty Thursday”!

Drama queen pills
how to draw boobies
review of 1595 sneakers
I didn’t know I was a psychic
slow your a** down
pregnancy test prank
marijuana restaurant
that look your mum gives you funny
keep calm and punch people in the face
the dropped box funny
it took Ralph 6 minutes to realize cat meme
boobs are to men what laser pointers are to cats ecard
I didn’t fart , my a** blew you a kiss quote
I’ve been sober for 136 days now ecard
my 8.05am tantrum ecard
what do you call a woman without an a**hole ecard
shark dinner prank cartoon
thanks for the Farmville request meme
let’s play how drunk can I get ecard
earthquake detection kit
if you touch my virginity I’ll stab you funny
yes it could improve my attitude funny
spacing fail
I’m bad with names can I just call you dumbass
dog on shrink couch cartoon
your girlfriend has 67 protons
and you thought you were having a bad day meme
when axe is no longer enough
do you know why women cannot play football meme
yawning is the body’s way of saying 20% battery remaining
she’s taken more loads than a washing machine
did I buy wine instead of milk again
relax it’s just a scar
bellow is a list of ways to win an argument with a woman
take your elbows off the table funny cartoon
welcome to loserville
I’m not tall enough to ride your emotional roller coaster
your couch versus other people’s couch
everybody makes fun of the redneck until the zombie apocalypse
I see you’re playing stupid again
I don’t want to leave my house ecard

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