Thursday giggles – Sending wicked vibes your way

Thursday giggles – Usually, this is the time of the week when we hope that you’re hanging in there as most of you would only have 2 more days to go before hitting the weekend; but given the specificity of this holiday fueled week, is it really necessary? So let’s just focus on keeping the spirits constant & maintaining a certain smile-flow.

Wishing you a chillax PMSLweb moment!

Never running out of toilet paper meme at

Acute angle funny – Thursday giggles at

Dog du jour funny – Thursday giggles at

Stop saying I’m hard to shop for ecard at

Pizza free action figure table – Thursday giggles at

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Jelly beans we dare you – Thursday giggles at

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Australian town names humor at

The people who give a f*ck meme at

Wedding picture fail at

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As a kid meme – Thursday giggles at

Shitting like a king – Thursday giggles at

Cinema in Greece meme at

Black cat when you see it at

We found your mom’s dildo – Thursday giggles at

Cat scratching pole meme at

Go masturball at

Unassembled snowmen funny at

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Friendzone humor at

How to spot a Canadian on a campus at

Bras make breasts saggier at

Evil chimneys humor – Thursday giggles at

Bibendum’s son – Thursday giggles at

Girl’s lie on an elevator funny at

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PS3 spiderman cover art humor at

Grow a girlfriend forever alone at

I hope it’s an xbox humor – Thursday giggles at

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Not giving  f*ck chart – Thursday giggles at

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