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Thursday guffaws – Your daily dose of sillies

Thursday guffaws – Hang in there, Friday (aka the weekend’s launch pad) is almost here, and your inner demons are waiting with anticipation for you to treat them to their favorite weekly spin. In the meantime though, many of you still have a few hours to get through, so why deprive yourselves of a few mood enhancers…

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

I had the time of my life meme – Thursday guffaws at

Cheeky son on Facebook at

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You don’t know what you have funny quote at

Funny eraser meme at

This picture hurts my brain humor – Thursday guffaws at

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Red panda humor at

Funny killer turtle meme at

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Funny you look like a giraffe profile at

Funny this horse looks like an emo kid – Thursday guffaws at

When you have conversations in your head humor at

Cat looks like he’s wearing a coat at

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It actually was Adam and Steve humor at

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Funny complex cat relationship – Thursday guffaws at

Women don’t go for good guys humor at

Awesome beer stadium at

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If Cinderella happened now funny cartoon – Thursday guffaws at

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Lady Diana versus Freddy Mercury joke at

I would love to be a therapist meme at

I hate attention horse meme – Thursday guffaws at

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