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Thursday humor – When chuckle O-clock strikes you

Thursday humor – With less than two days to go before we finally get to settle into yet another well deserved weekend (well at least a handful of you will), it’s time to start working on your weekly funny bone’s upgrade. Far less annoying than the famous constant Adobe reminders, when chuckle o’clock strikes “remind me later” is not an option. Our daily selection of funny pics has just gone viral, so feel free!

Wishing you a joyful and entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Indian Titanic meme – Thursday humor

Racist friends on Facebook joke

Funny antisocial networking cartoon

Funny map of Russia by Canada at NATO

Dealing with a cat on the changing table meme

When you forget to go to the toilet before taking a shower humor

Funny where to find a bae – Thursday humor

Ugly wife joke

When you find the perfect avocado meme

If these lips can kiss Beyoncé humor

This is called the lobby hotel joke

When you’re getting roasted in group chat humor

Kiss my a** fish joke

When she says she’s out to lunch with her friends – Thursday humor

Funny Chewbacca and Solo before/after

Funny UK Christmas stamp

Vegetarians be like meme

When people think you wear the same pants every day humor

Stupid Ken M and sea creatures

When you’re chubby but he says you’re cute humor

Chubby stormtrooper meme – Thursday humor

Spying on your girlfriend at the park meme

Funny show off deer

Mom that is not jesus humor

Trump wants illegal immigrants to go home joke

How I pictured Legolas in the book humor

The smell of incest funny fail – Thursday humor

When someone thinks they’ve hung up meme

Quickest way to get an answer on the internet meme – Thursday humor

WTF haircut barber joke

Funny parenting video fail

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