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Thursday LOL – A few funnies before the weekend

Thursday LOL – Time to start considering the transition between your hectic work week and beloved weekend. In order to smoothly slip from one to the other – any abrupt maneuver could lead to disastrous results – it’s important to slowly condition your mind; and we hope that today’s selection of goodies will benefit you in that way.

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Stupid Yahoo question about tape worms at

Funny perseverance demotivational picture at

You’re at the gym Facebook status humor at

I still have a landline funny ecard at

Pope turns over duties to Santa Claus at

Duck hunt demotivational – Thursday LOL at

Funny Formula 1 censorship at

Funny yearbook quote at

Ikea Eiffel tower at

Flying ant you don’t say at

I farted in line at Walmart humor at

Amazon suggestion fail – Thursday LOL at

A normal haircut is too mainstream meme at

What birds are actually saying meme at

Funny jaws musical notes at

CNN map fail at

Canal + truck demotivational – Thursday LOL at

Stop sending me game requests meme at

Step van humor at

Best girlfriend ever meme at

Do not push with forks humor at

How to use spongebob at

The look of my friends when I tell them that I don’t want to drink at

Land rover gear box humor – Thursday LOL at

Like a boss animated at

Iphone zero funny at

I wish one of my personalities loved to clean at

Men will never understand quote at

Simon is Chrome funny – Thursday LOL at

What are Mario’s clothes made from meme at

Dog shows baby how to crawl at

Suddenly an oven meme at

Push pop teaching kids to finger at

How to speak kiwi at

Funny kitchen censorship – Thursday LOL at

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