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Thursday PMSL – When the best weapon remains humor

Thursday PMSL – Before we treat you to our Thursday selection of funnies, we would like to show our solidarity and share our disgust regarding the dramatic events which occurred yesterday morning (January 7th 2015) at the Paris office of the satirical weekly newspaper Charlie hebdo, when three gunmen opened fire killing 12 people in total, including Charlie Hebdo‘s editor and cartoonist Stéphane Charbonnier (aka Charb), its lead cartoonist Cabu (Jean Cabut), as well as cartoonists Georges Wolinski, Philippe Honoré and Bernard Verlhac (aka Tignous). Two French police officers, Franck Brinsolaro and Ahmed Merabet also appear amongst the fatalities. The other victims of the attack are: Bernard Maris (an economist who ran a weekly column in the paper), Elsa Cayat (a psychoanalyst also columnist), Frederic Boisseau (a caretaker), Michel Renaud (invited as guest editor) and Mustapha Ourrad (a proofreader).

Hommage Charlie Hebdo at

The tragedy has led to a massive mobilization and momentum of solidarity, not only from the entire French community, but also Worldwide…. And guess what, they probably didn’t see that coming!

Long live humor,
Long live freedom of Speech.

Je suis Charlie

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